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Rajparis Civil Constructions (RCC) established in 1980 has grown over the years to become one of the leading builders and promoters in Tamil Nadu.Though the company’s projects are predominantly based in Chennai, there have been successful forays into other cities in Tamil Nadu as well.

Rajparis aims to develop aesthetically pleasing, functional, structurally superior residential and commercial complexes as a part of its quality standards. The company being one of the few to be operated by a board of qualified engineers strives to achieve high levels in quality.

Rajparis has a sincere devotion towards the economically backward and socially ill privileged which stems out of its concern for the national development. We would like to share some of the instances where we were able to work for the uplift of our fellow nationals

Rajparis aims to continuously grow in terms of quality and reliability. We strive to consistently build upon company’s "Core Competence - Quality Engineering".

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